Special design calls for extra attention

Client: Specialist in artisan dressings

A specialist in fresh artisan dressings and sauces asked us to make an old-fashioned milk churn out of PET, for a yoghurt sauce. A PET bottle milk churn. A great idea, but was it a realistic one? We appraised the design in terms of feasibility and ease of use, so we could devise optimal blowing and filling processes. With a few intelligent changes the original design was optimised and the function of the bottle was improved without abandoning the milk churn idea. Thanks to this, we are seeing a new generation of PET bottles.


More cases

As quick as the fire brigade

When the owner of a juice brand told us that his shop selling nutritious quality juices would be opening in five weeks, we didn’t waste any time. We immediately set about producing sketches, because it had to be a special bottle, different from all other fruit juice bottles.


Planning is everything

When the original PET bottle supplier was unable to deliver to a manufacturer of all-purpose cleaners quickly enough, they turned to us. Shopping packages for a supermarket had been scheduled for January, which had to include 500,000 all-purpose cleaners.


Top sport requires speed and flexibility

Dumocom is engaging in top sport for a leading food manufacturer. The turnover speed is high and the schedule is tight, which is demanding immense flexibility on our part. Besides that our client also likes a different packing approach.


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