Get to know us

Dumocom develops PET bottles. Not only that, we do so as intelligently as possible. And by intelligently we mean efficiently, sustainably and attractively. We challenge ourselves constantly to come up with ideas, great and small, that simplify production, make our operations leaner, improve transport and push boundaries. By doing so, we satisfy our clients and help make the world a better place. Clever of Dumocom.


We make you agile

Because we are stable, you can be flexible. Dumocom grows organically, continually nurturing our stability with clients, employees and suppliers. We have short lines of communication with them, we make quick decisions and provide streamlined processes. Our organisation is set up intelligently and we avoid bureaucracy, which enables us to offer flexibility and speed.

We make you competitive

We have a very efficient production process, ingenious machinery and small stocks, so our production is quick, flexible and sustainable. Our relatively small office does the rest.

We go for partnership

Every request, every suggestion from clients, employees or suppliers is seriously considered. This regularly results in new insights or improved processes and always in enjoyable collaboration. This requires us to have enterprising and entrepreneurial people on board and to give them freedom.

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